Welcome to CAPS Cares Corner. This is a CAPS Members only feature with the goal to celebrate and get to know our members unique initiatives, specifically:

Celebrate each other’s success (ie. Book launch, international contract)
Celebrate unique collaboration
Celebrate member community contributions

Share with us after the fact so we can celebrate, and learn from your success. This is not an opportunity to sell your offerings, but to inform, celebrate and inspire us of how to collaborate with our clients, colleagues and community.

Joel Sweeney joel@joelsweeney.com and Suzanne F. Stevens SuzanneFStevens@youmewe.ca

Cate Collins contributes to the Unsung Heroes

Cate Collins, a fellow CAPS member, affiliated with the Toronto Chapter saw a women in pain, and asked the community to help her create an experience to help these women continue to serve their local shelters. Read a bit of her story and consider how your expertise can positively impact your community. Cate had the… Continue reading

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Navigating The Way Forward! Speakers Tips on Mental Health and Well being!

CAPS Manitoba hosted an evening of awareness and sharing on Mental Health and Well Being on September 14. Frema Engel, Chair of CAPS Peers Support Program kicked off the evening sharing information on the CAPS Peer Support Program, how it began and where it is today. She shared how the Program works, who are the… Continue reading

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2017 Black History Recognition Award

Congratulations to Mona Warlord, for this receiving 2017 Black History Recognition Award from Peel United Cultural Partners [United Achievers’ Club & Congress of Black Women of Canada (Brampton Chapter)] for being a role model by making significant contributions for the positive development of community and people of Caribbean and African descent. Mona’s contributions have included:… Continue reading

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Hair today, gone tomorrow…

If you saw me at the Edmonton convention, you would have seen me sporting my new ‘haircut’ – in razor talk it’s called the #2! Less than a week prior to convention I had my long dark hair shaved off, live on stage, in front of 350 people. To say it was an emotional evening… Continue reading

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Giving Blood – A Chapter Challenge

Unless you are one of the rare CAPS members who does their marketing and client contact from beneath a rock, you are likely well aware of the health challenge facing my friend and colleague, Randall Craig. Randall is currently keeping his spirits up (200% by his own admission) as he moves through chemotherapy (which is… Continue reading

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Inspiring a new generation of readers one book at a time

Our CAPS president Suzanne Stevens, CSP, shared her CAPS presidential message on CAPS Cares and her personal journey of moving to Africa to support leadership, advocacy and education for women. Suzanne’s inspirational message to encourage CAPS members to be creative in how we give back in our business, got me thinking about how we could… Continue reading

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Connecting to What Matters!

Success!!! CAPS Manitoba hosted the first CAPS Cares event on May 17 2017 from 6 to 8 pm at the St. Boniface Library in Winnipeg. Taking the lead in this initiative, the event was entitled “Connecting to What Matters. Promoting mental health awareness and well-being”. The purpose of this event was to bring awareness to… Continue reading

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Inspiring Change for the Lives of the Maasai People – One Safari at a Time

Four years ago while travelling in Tanzania, we met an extraordinary Maasai man who was our professional safari guide. His name is Abby Olemisiko. Abby had a vision for the future of his tribe that inspired me to get involved. He explained the challenges that he faced to get his vision off the ground. I… Continue reading

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