STS – 2015 June – Conference Thrills

Conference Thrills

CAPS 2015 Halifax Convention -- A Opportunity to Step Up and Out!
(Call for Volunteers)

It may seem far in the future; however, the 2015 CAPS Convention in Halifax will be upon us before you know it!

As Convention Chair for Volunteers, I am hereby asking you to consider two requests:

  1. Plan on attending the 2015 Convention from December 5-7! The previous one in Halifax is still remembered as one of the friendliest ever--partly due to the wonderful Atlantic hospitality, and partly due to the fabulous volunteers. I know Ravi Tangri, Halina St. James and their team are putting together a value-rich convention from a content perspective. The impact will be magnified by a dedicated team of volunteers who infuse the convention with the Spirit of CAPS.
  2. Please consider offering your time, energy and sparkling personality to augment your convention experience by being part of the volunteer team! My plan is to create a micro-community of volunteers who work in the Spirit of CAPS to help make the 2015 CAPS Convention a peak experience for themselves . . . and more importantly . . . for every other Convention attendee, too!
    That's all for now . . . let your unconscious mind stew over the possibilities this summer--which I hope will be a rich one for you in every way imaginable!

    [Please express your early interest in volunteering by sending me an email at]
    See video:


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