STS – 2015 Dec – New Members

We are pleased to welcome new members who have joined CAPS recently. Congratulations on making this commitment to invest in the future success of your business and to share in the development of CAPS.

Here are our new members for September – December 2015:


Wael Badawy, CAPS Calgary
Marcel Bellefeuille, CAPS Ottawa
Kenneth Cheung, CAPS Toronto
Griselde Delahaye, CAPS Montreal
Jacqueline Dixon, CAPS Toronto
Tony Esteves, CAPS Calgary
Isabelle Fontaine, CAPS Montreal
Karen Furneaux, CAPS Altantic
Odette Laurie, CAPS Toronto
Gair Maxwell, CAPS Southwestern Ontario
Christine Paquette, CAPS Manitoba
Jason Reid, CAPS Toronto
Kevin Rempel, CAPS Toronto
Frederick Soucy, CAPS Atlantic
Jacqueline Throop-Robinson, CAPS Atlantic


Stephanie Allen, CAPS Atlantic
Sarah McVanel-Viney, CAPS Toronto
Andrea Menard, CAPS Vancouver
Diane Merpaw, CAPS Ottawa
Paul R. Roy, CAPS Atlanatic
Halyna Tataryn, CAPS Calgary
Forrest Willett, CAPS Toronto


Michael Finch, CAPS Calgary


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