STS – 2015 Dec – Good News

Good News

Kristin Arnold has been christened the Panel Improvement Evangelist by reporter Sue Pelletier of

Bob Hooey (Edmonton) and Faith Wood, CSP (Calgary) keynoted the PSASA (Professional Speakers Association - Southern Africa) national convention in Cape Town, South Africa. Bob also spoke at the AFCP (Speakers Association in France) and Faith spoke at the PSA-UKI in the UK.

Bob Hooey and Faith Wood just released the 8th Edition of Speaking for Success: Idea-Rich Techniques to Master Your Message and Power Up Your Presentations

David Greer just released his new book, Wind In Your Sails: Vital Strategies That Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Growth

Lea Brovedani took on a wild radio tour to promote her new book, TRUSTED - Secret Lessons from an Inspired Leader


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