CPHR Manitoba

CPHR Manitoba annual HR Conference being held October 23 & 24, 2018
Theme: HRevolution
More than ever, HR is moving into the Boardroom.
At a time when leading businesses are looking for hard answers, HR is equipped with the latest metrics, proven experience and knowledge, cultural understanding, and legislative framework to help organizations evolve.
Successful organizations embody their values, and incorporate the insights and expertise of HR to navigate their way through day-to-day challenges with confidence: addressing accommodation and integration; increasing efficiencies; attracting talent and aligning actions to objectives.
With the skills and knowledge to maximize leadership potential and shape culture, HR is becoming the catalyst that brings together collective values.
Today’s HR professionals apply practical tools to harness the power inherent in bringing together every person’s contribution.
HRevolution: the time has come to recognize that people are at the core of business success.

Attendees are Human Resources professionals (mostly practicing at the Mid-level to Strategic level with 10+ years of experience). Most are members of our association (1400 members total). Average attendance at the conference is 350.