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THINK TANK: Mastermind Series w/ Diane Rolston and Tanya Steele (Zoom)

October 10, 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm PDT

THINK TANK: Mastermind Series —
Get your ideas out of your head and into the world —

**CAPS Members Only Event**

CAPS BC Membership has its perks, and this series is one of them!

Ever feel like you want to bounce an idea off another speaker? Or brainstorm on a challenge or an opportunity? And get to know your colleagues more?

Here is your chance… CAPS BC is proud to announce our CAPS BC Think Tank: Mastermind Series. Over the course of 5 sessions spanning 10 weeks, you will be teamed up with 3 or 4 other members to bring the power of your brains together into a “Think Tank”.

In these 90-minute sessions, the time will be equally divided between the members of your Think Tank Team, so everyone gets the chance to bring an obstacles, goal or opportunity to your fellow CAPS members and receive ideas, suggestions, expertise, and feedback.

The sessions will be facilitated, so we can use the time efficiently.

Here are the benefits of the CAPS BC Think Tank:

• You’ll LEARN skills and strategies from your fellow members’ expertise and from what has worked in their business.

• You’ll get to SHARE your experience and expertise with your CAPS colleagues and in them knowing you better it opens the door for referrals.

• You will benefit from the four consistent sessions which can help you GROW your business. As well as the resources, ideas and accountability will help you get into action and reach your goals.

• Get to know your fellow members through these sessions and feel like you BELONG, so you can mutually experience support, motivation, and connection.

** We encourage all attendees to commit to all 5 sessions, if possible.

5 session dates:

  • 1st session: Oct 10 @ 4-5:30pm PST
  • 2nd session: Oct 24 @ 4-5:30pm PST
  • 3rd session: Nov 7 @ 4-5:30pm PST
  • 4th session: Nov 21 @ 4-5:30pm PST
  • 5th session: Dec 5 @ 4-5:30pm PST

More details about how this event will work:

– We will kick-off the first event with a “How to get the most out of the Think Tank tips”

– Then we move into breakouts, ideally in groups of 4 to 5 people each person will have their time (10-15min) in the “HOT SEAT”. They usually focus on one main topic which could be:

1. A problem they need solutions or advice on

2. A idea they need feedback on

3. An opportunity they’d like to optimize

– They share their request in about a minute and then have the rest of the 10-15 minutes of time to receive from others. There will be someone taking notes, or each person may record their own session time. All ideas will be received and written down.

In order for this to work well, each member is suggested to:

COMMIT as best you can to the four sessions.

• Be OPEN to giving and receiving advice, ideas, and feedback.

• Be RESPECTFUL of others and of the group rules.

KEEP CONFIDENTIALITY with the information being shared.

• Be CONCISE in sharing the topic (when you’re in the HOT SEAT) and in giving your ideas.

• Be PRESENT when it’s not your turn to give the best input.

About the facilitators:

Diane Rolston

As an Award-Winning Coach, Speaker, and the CEO of Dynamic Women® Global Club, Diane Rolston specializes in coaching female business leaders to have more confidence and success while living a balanced life. Her proven systems & processes help you have “clarity” on what to focus on, the “confidence” to go for it, and an “action” plan with tangible steps. She loves sharing her proven strategies and interviewing guests on the Dynamic Women® Podcast. Her newest program is “VA Made Easy”, a program designed to move you from task overwhelm to business ease by passing off your work to your very own VA she hires for you.

Tanya Steele

Tanya Steele is a former EMR turned entrepreneur. She is now a well-respected Host, MC, Safety Trainer & Consultant. Utilizing her 28yrs of experience, she speaks to business owners, supervisors and managers on how to train their workers.

This gen X’er spent the last 2.5 years reinventing herself, including;

• hosting live webinars 5 days a week during the pandemic,

• building a new virtual & in-person, QA program for trainers

• turning her client’s courses into online platforms and,

• training those instructors

She went on to produce & host the “What If One”-Hybrid Forum and her new podcast, “Safety Debris”. Her goal is to help raise the next generation of trainers that are fun, engaging and impactful!

** This is a CAPS Members Only Event **

FREE for ALL CAPS members.

We are closing registration on Oct 6, so sign-up ASAP!

Looking forward to Thinking Tanking with you!


October 10, 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm PDT
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