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Build Speaker Authority with Strategic Video with Valerie McTavish (Zoom)

April 24 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

“Build Speaker Authority with Strategic Video” with Valerie McTavish(on Zoom)

Build Speaker Authority with Strategic Video with Valerie McTavish

Getting that keynote offers and being booked-solid takes time, perseverance, and grit. Normally, you have to climb the speaker ladder; going from tiny stages to medium stages to the biggest.

When you use video to grow your authority and build a loyal audience, you can leap frog up that ladder. In fact, you can take the elevator.

This 2-hour workshop walks you through the 6 steps of crafting an effective, custom video marketing strategy so that you can build your authority and be in-demand as a speaker, even if you’re just starting out.

In this workshop, you will uncover the following:

• Think big to determine what you are trying to accomplish with your video marketing.

• Niche down so that your videos are more likely to hit home and have an impact.

• Gain the foundation to hone your message so it attracts attention and aligns with your brand as a speaker.

• Create a plan that will have you serving your viewers consistently.

• Build relationships and create a community of loyal fans.

• Identify strategies to help you leverage your ideal audience and videos that will create demand for you as a speaker.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know exactly how to use video to boost your speaker authority and get to the big stage faster.

About Valerie McTavish:

Valerie McTavish helps entrepreneurs get video confident so they can increase their reach, engagement, and sales using the most powerful marketing tool available – even if they hate getting on camera.

She uses her 30+ years in video and television production, and her 9 years in digital marketing to help entrepreneurs gain clarity and confidence as they build effective video marketing strategies that are on-brand and authentic. She also works with her partner in developing podcasts for entrepreneurs to help them grow their authority and convert with ease.

Since 2019, she has helped over 500 entrepreneurs get video confident.

Learn more at valeriemctavish.com.

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