David Papp, Online security expert, speaks to Global TV in Edmonton about protecting your data + what the GDRP means for you in Canada


Protecting you data

Huge data breaches have become disturbingly more common these days. David Papp, a guest on Global TV Edmonton back in February, spoke about some of the issues facing online users and how to protect yourself. David noted that last year there were  146 million effected worldwide in the Equifax data breach alone, and it’s predicted that by 2021 cyber security damage will total $6 trillion in terms of fixing, securing and dealing with the consequences of breaches. Ransomware, where you no longer own your data, and are held ransom for a payment, fearing it will be erased, is a particularly nasty tactic which has emerged recently.

How best to protect against these nasty online tactics?

“Back up, back up, back up,” notes David. He also stressed the importance of having that back up regularly scheduled, and having it kept offsite for further protection. “It’s all about having a system in place for your back ups and following processes,” said David. Having anti-viral software, and keeping it current was another area he emphasized. And those passwords we’re all asked to keep track of and change from time to time? Yes, he admitted that can be hard to juggle and maintain, but having a “vault” online to keep all passwords in is what David uses. But he cautioned, “make sure that has a really good password” too.

David also talked about being smart with what we click on, not opening attachments, not linking to “click bait”, and if in doubt – don’t. He suggested Google searching it first to see if it is legit. Often others who have been scammed will have posted a warning.

You can watch the entire segment HERE.

Why you’re getting all those privacy update GDPR emails and what they mean

On May 25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, came into effect in the European Union and as a result, many companies are changing their privacy policies worldwide. Online Security expert David Papp shared more on what it means and how it affects you in this recent Global TV Edmonton interview. While it might be easy for Canadian business to dismiss this as not effecting them, the reality of the global reach of the internet means that all businesses online who track data and customer information are impacted. While the Canadian CASL legislation is something that companies here are compliant with, the GDRP takes it up a notch in many areas.

What does Papp recommend you do?

Review your settings for any online accounts, and be knowledgeable about the data you collect, how it is used and how it is stored. He suggested familiarizing yourself with the regulations for the GDRP and becoming compliant even if you regard your business as Canadian based or regional.

Also we need to be award of what kind of information is being shared, especially through third party apps.  You can watch the entire interview HERE.