Welcome to CAPS Cares Corner. This is a CAPS Members only feature with the goal to celebrate and get to know our members unique initiatives, specifically:

Celebrate each other's success (ie. Book launch, international contract)
Celebrate unique collaboration
Celebrate member community contributions

Share with us after the fact so we can celebrate, and learn from your success. This is not an opportunity to sell your offerings, but to inform, celebrate and inspire us of how to collaborate with our clients, colleagues and community.

Joel Sweeney [email protected] and Suzanne F. Stevens [email protected]

Inspiring a new generation of readers one book at a time

Our CAPS president Suzanne Stevens, CSP, shared her CAPS presidential message on CAPS Cares and her personal journey of moving to Africa to support leadership, advocacy and education for women.… Continue reading

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Connecting to What Matters!

Success!!! CAPS Manitoba hosted the first CAPS Cares event on May 17 2017 from 6 to 8 pm at the St. Boniface Library in Winnipeg. Taking the lead in this… Continue reading

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Inspiring Change for the Lives of the Maasai People – One Safari at a Time

Four years ago while travelling in Tanzania, we met an extraordinary Maasai man who was our professional safari guide. His name is Abby Olemisiko. Abby had a vision for the… Continue reading

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CAPS Montreal doesn’t just “go” to Convention… We ROCK it!

Another Convention has passed, and it’s fair to say that the 2017 CAPS Convention in Edmonton will be remembered as an extremely fun-filled, enriching, rewarding and learning experience. But beyond… Continue reading

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“Choose one small slice of the planet… and start!” says Linda Edgecombe, CSP, HoF

“Ten years ago, my girlfriend, Michelle Bonneau, was teaching in Nepal and she asked me if I would take some scarves from Nepal and sell them at one of my… Continue reading

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