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To help fulfill CAPS’ Mission to Help our Members Achieve the Speaking Business They Desire, we are continuing with our CAPS Communities initiative with a new slate of communities, each targeting specific needs, and interests.

Think of a CAPS Community as a group of fellow members focused on similar areas of interest or goals.

To sign up, browse through the community’s descriptions below and find one or more that matches your area of interest. Continue by scrolling down to the bottom and click on REGISTER when you’re ready to join! After you submit your registration, you’ll be contacted by the leader of your Community to let you know when the first meeting will be.  Should you register for one of the 3 ongoing Communities, their meeting times are listed in their respective descriptions. Contact us if you have any questions about CAPS Communities. Registration closes on March 3rd.

Available Communities:

Developing Your Personal Stories
Crafting Your Keynote
Improving Your Sales Strategies
Scaling Your Business
Building a Referral Based Business
Pages to Profits
CAPS Community for new members
Friday Morning Accountability Time (Sales & Marketing Focus)
Building a Professional Consulting Business

Developing your Personal Stories
Community Leader: Steve Foran, CSP

All effective business communication is about influence and persuasion. What better way to accomplish that than through the power of sharing personal experiences/stories? As a professional speaker, you need to be able to effectively re-create your experiences for others which allows you to connect on a deeper level and have a greater impact with the spoken word, which is reflected through the changing behaviours and better decision-making of your audience—whomever that might be for you.

Our Community sessions will focus on the how and why of using personal stories as a professional speaker. The Community will embrace a combination of external guest speaker spots, who will share content and answer questions, along with a mastermind approach of supporting each other in our story challenges. In this community, you will get to share and listen to successes, thoughts, and questions discussions regarding structures for crafting stories and you have the opportunity to share a story within the community—a safe place to create, tweak, practice, and gain developmental feedback. The stories crafted will have an immediate and sustainable influence on your audiences, your colleagues and clients, your family and friends—and your business.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to actively participate in a “Mastermind” learning environment
  • Understand the how and why of using personal experiences/stories
  • Develop a personal structure for sharing your stories
  • Craft stories for immediate use with audiences, clients, customers
  • Deliver your stories in the safe, mastermind environment
  • Receive developmental feedback on your stories
  • Move forward on your journey of story mastery


Crafting Your Keynote
Community Leader: Joel Hilchey, CSP & Brandon Love

This will be a “probably mostly weekly” meeting, Tuesday afternoons, mastermind style.

Potential content topics:

  • What do people want from the group?
  • What makes an amazing keynote
  • Your X-Factor – Why do you get hired?
  • Expertise vs Positioning
  • The 3-minute keynote
  • Your ideal news interview
  • Memorable Moments
  • Openings
  • Closings
  • Demonstrations & Analogies
  • Stories
  • Analogies
  • Adding the Funny
  • Stagecraft
  • Tech bumbles to avoid


Improving your Sales Strategies
Community Leader: Michelle Castillo

First meeting:

  • Welcome members
  • Do a round table and ask people what they want to learn about and what can they teach others.
  • Present my own list of possible topics to see if members are interested

Once we compile a list we will schedule the following meetings to go through the topics in which members expressed interest.


Scaling Your Business Community
Community Leader: David Saxby

The Scaling Your Business Community will be eight bi-weekly sessions using a combination of presentation, mastermind, group discussion, guest presenters, and examples.

In the sessions, we will look at your current business and options for your future business exploring different business models: solopreneur, company, partnership, or joint venture. We’ll explore your service and product offerings: single topic or multiple topics, keynoting, training, coaching, and facilitating. product sales or you may prefer a hybrid business model combining multiple offerings.

We will also look at options to grow your business with: marketing and sales strategies, licensed products, hiring staff, joint ventures, referral partners, bureaus, speakers agents, or using speaking to grow spin-off businesses.


Building a Referral-Based Business
Community Leader: Tom Stoyan, HoF & Laura Lane

Building a Referral-based Business: a 3-Step Strategy!

After 25 years of building a referral-based business Tom Stoyan –Canada’s Sales Coach – will share his secrets and insights with our CAPS Community.

This 12-week class includes his Professional Sales Audit, Professional Referral Audit, 5 Critical Why Buy questions as well as some of his Insights to help you better build a referral-based business.

He will share his philosophy, process and tools which will result in:

Your Unfair Advantage: Building a Referral-based Business: a 3-Step Strategy!

Step #1 Become better prepared to respond to referrals

Step #2 Increase the chances of getting on others ‘referral shortlist

Step #3 Activate a more creative, confident & knowledgeable referral-asking approach

What you can expect:

  • 2 hr Weekly zoom classes
  • A one-on-one onboarding call with Tom to review his Profitable Referral Audit
  • Weekly homework to increase your confidence in asking for referrals
  • A private Facebook Group to connect with class members and watch class recordings
  • By the end of the class, you will have put together your own professional referral portfolio!

We look forward to making a contribution to you and your business if you feel you will benefit from building… a … stronger…referral-based…business!


Pages to Profits
Community Leader: Emily Nichols & Charmaine Hammond, CSP

The Pages to Profits Community will begin in the Spring (March/April).  The exact date will be announced closer to the projected time frame.  If you think you may be interested in being a part of this Community, please sign-up now to reserve your seat.

If writing a book (and getting it done!) is one of your top priorities this year, if you want to sell books by the trunkload, and have your books generate bookings, Pages to Profits is the CAPS Community for you. Charmaine Hammond and Emily Nichols will share their expertise and enthusiasm to propel your book forward – the writing and the marketing, simultaneously. Will it be a winning combination? Join us to find out.

  • Understand the how and why of book proposals, audience development plans, and marketing strategies for books.
  • Develop a personal structure for getting your book done, bringing your book to life, and creating a plan to market and sell your book.
  • Give and get feedback on your writing and your plans to market and sell your book.

Each session will:

  • Allow time for writing and feedback, a marketing mini-lesson, and time to work on your book proposal/marketing plan and your audience development plan.
  • Have self-identified homework based on your goals for your book. Charmaine will provide in advance of each session the next steps in the book proposal/marketing plan and audience development plan structures so you can work ahead if you wish.

Include breakouts, Q&A, and discussion. This is a get-it-done and have-some-fun community!


CAPS Community for New Members
Community Leader: Suzannah Baum

This is an established, ongoing Community that meats on the last Wednesday of each month.  The community leader and members are happy to welcome new members should you be interested.  You will need to complete a registration to join the in-progress Community.

As a new member of CAPS, are you excited about the many member resources, benefits, networking opportunities, and business-building tools available to you?

Or maybe the question is…. are you AWARE of the many member resources, benefits, networking opportunities, and business-building tools available to you?

You may be asking yourself: “Where should I start? What should I do next? Where are the resources? Where can I connect with other members? What’s the deal with all those acronyms, program names, the CAPS Academy, the communities, and the Convention that everyone keeps talking about?”

We’ve got you. 

The CAPS New Member Community is dedicated to helping you understand all the CAPS has to offer so that you can pick and choose among all the amazing tools, resources, and options that are most relevant to you, and that will help you build the speaking business that you desire.

The ultimate goal? To ensure that all CAPS members are fully engaged, to understand all the member benefits and use them, and to feel like CAPS is a place where they can learn, share, grow, and most of all, belong.

Plus, you get to spend time meeting your fellow members, building relationships, getting your questions answered…and maybe even having some fun! (a goal of every meeting for sure!)

Whether you’ve just recently joined CAPS – or even if you’ve been a member for a few years and just want a refresher – this community will share the many ways to take advantage of your CAPS Membership.

Information-packed sessions will delve into topics that will help you make the most of your CAPS membership, including:

  • The most important steps to take when you first join CAPS (i.e. Learn!)
  • The many resources and business-building tools available on the CAPS website, the Facebook group, and at your fingertips (i.e. Share!)
  • What do you need to continually take advantage of to make the most of your membership, so that you can continually grow your business (i.e. Grow!)
  • Looking to the future! How to enhance your speaking qualifications, grow your network, and give back (i.e. Belong!)

The CAPS New Member Community is one of many CAPS Communities that can be considered a ‘secret weapon’ to building your speaking business, meeting like-minded (and fabulous) people – AND having lots of fun in the process!


Friday Morning Accountability Time (Sales & Marketing Focus)
Leader: Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

This is an established, ongoing Community.  The community leader and members are happy to welcome new members should you be interested.  You will need to complete a registration to join the in-progress Community.

Would you rather drill holes in your feet rather than have to do sales calls? Join the Friday morning Accountability Sales & Marketing Group. For one hour from 7 am to 8 am PST | From 10 am to 11 am EST you do that task that you really dread, on Zoom, the camera on, microphone off, with your fellow CAPS friends who are also getting rid of a daunting task. Whether you make calls, send emails to prospects, apply to speak at conventions, etc. you will be happy to have this time reserved and you will know that at least once per week, you will do some lead generation work to grow your business.

Nathalie is a confidence expert. She works with organizations that want to instill confidence and clarity in their team so they can increase performance, engagement, and profits. She is the Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, offering Keynotes and Conferences, Leading-Edge Online Courses, Laser-Focus Business Strategy, and One-on-One Coaching. She is a No.1 International Bestselling author of fifteen books on success, communication, wellness, and empowerment.

She has over 10 years of experience in human resources, 25 years of experience in sales, and over 30 years in the fitness industry. In 2007, she won”Fitness Instructor of the Year” for Canada. She is a dynamic, engaging, and professional speaker who gets you hooked with relatable stories and analogies.


Building a professional consulting business
Leader: Ruth Sirman

Consulting can be a valuable add-on to a speaker business for those of us with the professional credentials that help us to be credible with government, corporate and private sector clients. Using a very facilitative and hands-on approach to learning together, Ruth will help the group create a community learning agenda of topics that participants want to explore to help start or build a consulting practice.

This is the 2nd offering of this Community as part of the CAPS Communities. Many of the original members are still engaged and still attending. We would welcome new members. Here are some comments by members of the existing group:

“In my mind, the CAPS consulting group was the best group I have ever been part of. I felt supported, learned a lot and was able to expand my vision for my business. I went in thinking I was a speaker and came out knowing the tremendous value I bring to clients as a consultant, coach and speaker.” – Barbara May

“‘Thanks’ Ruth. You’ve put so much caring and thoughtful time into helping this ‘CAPS Community’ deliver extraordinary outcomes to several of our participants. We thank you for that!” – Donald C. Cooper

Ruth Sirman is an internationally certified mediator through the International Mediation Institute and has 27+ years as a professional mediator, facilitator and consultant working with clients in government at the federal, provincial, territorial and municipal levels as well as the corporate, private, post-secondary and not-for-profit sectors.

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