It’s time to choose your CAPS Communities

To help fulfill CAPS’ Mission to Help our Members Achieve the Speaking Business They Desire, we are launching a new initiative – CAPS Communities.

Think of a CAPS Community as a group of fellow members focused on similar areas of interests or goals.

During the pilot phase, we’ve identified 7 CAPS Communities for you to consider joining. After the pilot phase, we expect there will be many more Communities, each targeting specific needs, and interests.

Adapting and Creating Virtual and Remote Programs
Marketing, Selling and Monetizing your Online Course
Conférenciers francophones – French-language Speakers
Sales & Marketing Strategies for Speakers
Storytelling for Business
Scaling Your Business
Creating Systems that Work

Here is what we need you to do:

  1. Read the short descriptions of the CAPS Communities (some have a video too).
  2. Complete the online application form at by Thursday, June 11, 2020 (we do require a separate application for each community you wish to join).

Each leader will schedule an initial Zoom call with the community to describe the purpose and process. Some communities will be more structured with specific outcomes. It may involve Zoom calls and/or a Facebook Group to share questions and ideas. As a member of the CAPS community, you’ll help shape the purpose and process once you are a member.

You can be part of as many or as few CAPS Communities as you wish, however, keep in mind that the success of a given community will be determined by the level of involvement and engagement of its members.

If you have any questions about CAPS Communities, please email Greg Schinkel, CSP [email protected], Jennifer Spear [email protected], or Beverly Beuermann-King, CSP [email protected]


Adapting and Creating Virtual and Remote Programs
Leader: Nurdan Tokoz

How can you take a successful face-to-face instructor-led training program and adapt it to a highly interactive, synchronous online instructor-led training program with

  • defined learning objectives,
  • geographically dispersed participants, each individually connected using a web classroom platform?

As a facilitator/trainer, your goal is to develop a training program that will help participants improve their performance outcomes by creating new habits/behaviours. Organizations can achieve their business goals continuously, as a result of consistent high-performance outcomes.


Marketing, Selling and Monetizing your Online Course
Leaders: Jen DeTracey, and Lauren Pibworth

Building your online course is one thing, but successfully monetizing it is a completely different animal.

If you are seriously considering, in the process of, or have already built your online course, this community is for you.  There is no one way to successfully launch and monetize a product, so this community is not intended to be a ‘training’ course, but a hive of shared ideas, success and challenges, facilitated by Jen DeTracey and Lauren Pibworth.

One of the key goals will devise a launch plan and put it in place.

As in true spirit of CAPS, we invite you to learn, share, grow, and belong. To assess the objectives of those who apply, we will conduct a brief survey to determine the predominant needs of this new group.


Conférenciers francophones – French-language Speakers
Leader: Danielle Silverman

Bonjour à vous tous, conférenciers francophones.

La mission de l’Association Canadienne des Conférenciers Professionnels (CAPS) est de vous aider à grandir de façon à pouvoir poursuivre votre métier de conférencier ou de conférencière à votre manière.

À cette fin, nous avons créé cette année des communautés de pratique qui regroupent les intérêts que vous nous avez exprimés.

Ces communautés sont les suivantes :

Nom de la communauté de pratique Leader
Communauté francophone Danielle Silverman
Storytelling for business Lorne Kelton
Developing systems that work Jane Atkinson
Scaling your business Greg Schinkel, CSP
Delivery of virtual/remote programs to clients Nurdan Tokoz
Selling or monetizing you online course Lauren Pibworth and Jen DeTracey
Sale and marketing strategies for speakers Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Pour ce qui est de la communauté francophone, étant donné qu’il n’y a pas de sujet précis de concentration, nous allons devoir ensemble créer les pratiques qui répondent aux besoins des gens qui se présentent.

C’est avec grand plaisir que nous vous invitons à participer à ces communautés de pratique et à définir ensemble un avenir fructueux pour tous.

A video message from Danielle Silverman


Sales & Marketing Strategies for Speakers
Leader: Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

You have a kickass keynote or workshop, a system that works and a transformational message to share, but you have nobody to hear it? Are you tired of being the most well-kept secret? This Community is for you. We will work together on finding experts that will help us create systems that work to get us booked, paid, recognized and re-booked.

A video message from Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas


Storytelling for Business
Leader: Lorne Kelton

“Just like in the movies, your business has a story to tell. You need a Plot, Characters, Obstacles, Conflicts, a Resolution (and maybe some humour!).  A compelling story creates effective client engagement and provides an opportunity to grow your business organically. This Storytelling Community is for members who want to explore the key building blocks of story structure and then apply them to their business.  It’s your opportunity to build trust and to foster deep and meaningful professional relationships through the power of a well told story. You’ll provide the ideas and I’ll provide the framework. Together we’ll craft captivating stories to help drive your business success. This will be a “hands-on” community where participation and attendance is expected. Now, let’s get started!”

A video message from Lorne Kelton


Scaling Your Business
Leader: Greg Schinkel, CSP

The focus of this group is to help CAPS members who are already in the process of scaling their business by having subcontractors, licensing their content to customers or other speakers and consultants, or who have a team of people helping to market, sell and deliver value to customers. At our initial organizing Zoom call, we’ll put together a structure to help evaluate the various pathways to profit growth and building an enduring business that can be sold in the future, if desired. We ask that you contribute to the conversation based on your experience (Share and Grow), otherwise, feel free to listen in (Learn).

A video message from Greg Schinkel


Creating Systems that Work
Leader: Jane Atkinson

Most speakers already use a variety of systems to run their businesses and those systems help you track and stay in touch with customers to deepen your relationships. This CAPS Community will be a combination of teaching and masterminding. We’ll share best practices on various systems to help you run your speaking business more effectively and efficiently. This community will focus on taking CAPS members who are already established and help them think through how to best implement systems to enable their businesses to scale.

A video message from Jane Atkinson

Complete the online application form by Thursday, June 11, 2020