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Michelle Cederberg, CSP

Who Am I
My name is Michelle Cederberg. I’m a full-time professional speaker, coach and consultant and I’ve been an enthusiastic member of CAPS since 2001. Those of you who know me, know that I am typically an energetic and positive person. I like to think that my kind of energy works well with others.

I’m also a shoot-from-the-hip kind of gal who likes to get sh*t done. When I’m passionate about something I’ll dig in and give it my all. And I’m passionate about this association and its members, so I’ll go to bat on projects that can make a difference for both.

I earned my CSP exactly 5 years after going full-time as a speaker, and the fact that I’ve been running a successful, full-time speaking business for almost 14 years means I take this business seriously and hopefully have insights and experiences that are worth sharing.

Plus, I like to have fun, so whatever I get my hands into, and whoever I get to work with in the process will likely feel a bit of that too. I’d love your vote.

Why am I running for the CAPS National Board of Directors?
I’ve been a Professional member of CAPS for over 15 years, and credit this association and its people for teaching me how to build a successful, full-time speaking business. My business and life wouldn’t be where it is today without this association, and I’ve always done what I can to give back to the association that has given so much to me…either through my own initiative, or if someone asks.

And someone asked me to consider throwing my name in the hat. That’s not always the best reason to say yes, so I gave it a lot of thought, and I feel like the time is right for me to give it my all at the National Board level.

I also have some unfinished business with the board. I was actually on the National Board just over three years ago and due to personal circumstances (my brother was very ill at that time, and eventually passed away), I chose to step down from the board before my term really got started. I didn’t like how that felt. I really felt like I let myself and the board down…partly because I didn’t give it enough thought before saying yes.

I always knew I would ‘try again’, but needed to make sure that when I did, that I was stepping up at a time when I could give my best energy and focus to the commitment. And for me, it’s time to do the freakin’ work. You better believe that if I get elected, I will work my ass off for the full two year term, because I learned from that first experience, and I don’t want to let the board (or myself) down a second time.

What qualifies me to be a CAPS Board Member
I’ve been a member of CAPS for over 15 years, have good connections and relationships with CAPS members across the country, and I’m active and engaged in the community locally and nationally.

I served on my local Calgary chapter board for many years, including stints as Programming Chair and President…two roles that taught me a lot about communication and leadership.

I’ve been overseeing the CAPS Expert Accelerator Series – a National Board special project – for three years, which has strengthened my communication and project management capabilities and has taught me a lot about the experience and intellect of our members… and I believe we need to tap into it in different and better ways.

I’m a positive, high-energy person that will advocate for all levels of membership because I remember what it was like to be an emerging speaker, I understand the needs of the veteran speaker, and I want to help our members stay as engaged and excited about their association as I am.

CAPS- Challenges and Opportunities
What are the greatest opportunities and/or challenges facing our association and its members today? I think for any association (CAPS is no exception) one of the biggest challenges we face is to remain relevant and useful to our members when there are so many learning/growth choices out there, and to maintain a strong membership base that will keep members engaged and having fun. I believe in the value of our association and want to work as part of the board to make sure as an association we’re continuing to provide worthwhile information, resources, and opportunities to help our members grow their businesses, connect with like-minded professionals, and feel like their membership investment is worthwhile. And I want us all to have a bit of fun while we’re doing it.

We’ve got a solid membership base to build on. With 500+ vibrant, fun speaking professionals, I believe there are more opportunities to tap into their expertise in different and better ways; to engage with our members in ways that are meaningful to them, and good for their businesses. I’m curious to explore what that could look like from a board position.


Steve Foran, CSP

steve_foranWho Am I
I am a son, brother, friend, husband, son-in-law, father, and recently grandfather. In 1985, I couldn’t even spell electrical engineer and what do you know… now I are one. I’m the oldest in my family. I believe in being responsible and in my early 40s, to my surprise discovered I was born on 3rd base… up till that point, I had thought I hit a home run. This brought an overwhelming sense of gratitude into my life and somehow I managed to convince my wife I should quit my job and start speaking… and here we are 12 years later. I am a most grateful CAPS member who has been active in my chapter and nationally in most years since joining in 2010.

Why am I running for the CAPS National Board of Directors?
I’m running for the Board for one reason… as an expression of gratitude. I have received so much from CAPS and would like to give back to the Association and the people who’ve helped me and my business. I like where our Association is going and appreciate the work so many people have done to get us to where we are. I would like to help build on their work.

My gifts include 1) being able to see the big picture quickly (think strategically) 2) attention to detail (getting stuff done) 3) being able to find good in virtually any situation and make the most of it (grateful without being Pollyanna). If you think these skills will complement our Board, please consider me as a candidate when you vote.
One last thing… I signed on as Treasurer for my Chapter this year and if it’s ok with you (and the Chapter) I’d like to stay on as treasurer for CAPS Atlantic… or at least keep doing the books for the Chapter. We’ve got a good system in place and I’d like to see it get more traction before passing it along.

The greatest lesson I learned about speaking happened in 1989 at Yarmouth high school. I had 4, 45 min presentations to deliver at a high school about careers with my employer. I had it cased. I’d deliver 15 min of content then and then handle all the questions for the last 30 min. When I finished my first 15 min and turned for questions… crickets! I discovered the importance of thinking on your feet but the big lesson I learned was… know your audience and be prepared. Happen 2 U?

What qualifies me to be a CAPS Board Member
Since 2000, I’ve served on at least two industry and/or charitable boards at any given point in time. In relation to serving on the CAPS National Board my experience includes the following boards and committees:
– HomeBridge Youth Society – 2015-present – Board Member
– 100 Men Who Give a Damn! – Halifax – 2013-present – Core Team Member and Emcee
– CAPS Atlantic Board – 2011-2014 and Chapter President in 2013. I rejoined the Chapter Board in 2018 as treasurer.
– Atlantic School of Theology (Nova Scotia’s smallest University) – 2011-2017 and Chair of the Board 2013-2015 (during which time we hired a new President and developed a 5 year strategic plan)
– CAPS National Ethics Committee – 2012-2015, and Committee Chair in 2014
– Empathy Factory – 2011-2012 – Vice President Board of Directors
– Offshore/Onshore Technologies Association of Nova Scotia – 2006-2011 – 3 years as Treasurer
– Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Energy Advisory Committee – 2005-2011 – Committee Member

CAPS- Challenges and Opportunities
We need to continually raise the profile and reputation of professional speaking, our Association and professional speakers like you and your CAPS colleagues to the marketplace. I want CAPS to be the go-to place to find professional speakers and the place that speakers seek out to raise their game to the professional level. Internally, this means we must continue to deliver world-class professional development so our members can be the best they can be when they take the stage. Externally, this means we need to shine when we’re on stage… every one of us, every time. We also need to find creative ways to engage with and influence the people who hire professional speakers for their meetings and events… continually enhance the CAPS brand.


Greg Schinkel, CSP

greg_schinkelWho Am I
I’ve been in the speaking and training industry since 1992 and achieved the CSP designation in 2013. As a CAPS member for more than 15 years, I’ve enjoyed serving at the chapter level as a president, programming chair, and treasurer. I’ve attended nearly every convention and served as a convention co-chair of programming, a volunteer coordinator and presented at the pre-convention in Ottawa along with presenting several break out sessions over the years. In addition I’m serving on the 2020 task force to reimagine CAPS and am currently the presidential appointment to the CAPS National board in 2018. I’ve also known to socialize a fair bit at convention, perhaps a bit too much.

Why am I running for the CAPS National Board of Directors?
As CAPS renews its focus on helping members monetize their message and grow their business, it would be an honour to serve fellow members by delivering value, both to established members who are interested in growing their businesses to the next level, and to members who are in the earlier stages of establishing their businesses. I also want to help volunteers in the organization deliver value to fellow members without feeling a sense of burnout.

What qualifies me to be a CAPS Board Member
Most of my business success comes from the lessons I’ve learned and applied from CAPS sessions at the local and national level. The giving nature of our membership inspires me to want to provide value to others.

In my business, I continue to subcontract a significant amount of work to fellow CAPS members because of their impeccable quality and commitment to ethics.

In addition to serving with CAPS I’ve served the community at the local and international level as a member of Rotary International for more than 13 years where I served as club president and at the district level. I’ve served at the local and national level of Family Enterprise Xchange, (formerly CAFE).

CAPS- Challenges and Opportunities
As CAPS enters the next 20 years of its life, I look forward to helping the association and my fellow members navigate the significant changes in the marketplace. There are many opportunities to monetize our expertise and drive value for our customers who are facing their own shifts and challenges. We have the opportunity to reimagine how we deliver services to members by embracing technology and creating new opportunities to connect and share in person.



Jennifer Spear

jennifer_spearWho Am I
I am a recovering corporate executive. Prior to starting my company Clean Slate, I was VP of both Marketing and Human Resources for a National Retailer. While in that role I graduated from Second City in Toronto and I apply the powerful lessons from improv in my work and in my life everyday. Once leaving that role I went back to school and obtained my Executive MBA. I thoroughly enjoyed that experience and in the process realized some very important things about myself including the fact that I didn’t want to be a Vice President any more. And that’s when I found CAPS.

I developed my company as a new member of CAPS and it continues to evolve as I continue to learn from our amazing Members. I work predominantly as a keynote speaker, facilitator and trainer challenging leaders, teams and organizations to work UnScripted.

I love to learn, to collaborate, to challenge and be challenged.
I am currently writing a book called UnScripted (whoa… okay so announcing it… that makes it real)
Why am I running for the CAPS National Board of Directors?
I would like the opportunity to give back to an Association that has given me so much. I would like a chance to contribute and share my knowledge and experience to continue the great work that has been done. I promise to continue to push CAPS forward, to challenge the scripts of the past and to be open to new ideas and perspectives.

Selfishly, I would like to serve on the National Board because I tend to get more out of experiences the more I put in and want to get the most out of my CAPS membership. Plus, have you seen who is on this Board…? What an amazing group to learn from!

I was asked to sit on the National Board for this year as a Presidential Appointee and would like to continue the work that has been started. I want an opportunity to help CAPS continue to grow and meet the changing needs of our members. As well, I know that in working with the Board and with the Members I will grow my knowledge about this association and about the world of professional speaking and that will in turn grow my business.

The one thing that I truly miss from my corporate days is being a part of a leadership team that is driven to move the organization forward, strategically. Being a member of the Board provides that opportunity but its more than that, CAPS is personal. The connection to CAPS and its members is a personal connection that I have not experienced anywhere else in my professional career. CAPS is family (but one that you choose). CAPS is home.

What qualifies me to be a CAPS Board Member
I have experience with Boards both as a member and in working with Boards as my clients.

I am currently sitting on the CAPS National Board as a Presidential Appointee for 2018 as well I am in my third year of sitting on the Meetings Mean Business (MMB) Canada Board (formerly BEICC) as the representative of CAPS. Previously, I served on the CAPS Toronto Board and managed the Pro-Track Speaker Academy for the Toronto Chapter for several years.

In my business and in my volunteer work with Boards and Associations I typically work with them on their Strategic Planning but in other capacities as well such as: Membership Engagement; Conference Planning; Non Dues Revenue; Professional Development; and of course, as a Speaker.

CAPS- Challenges and Opportunities
CAPS is experiencing similar challenges that are facing many Associations, with Membership being a big one. Being able to attract and engage members in a voluntary association means demonstrating value everyday.

To add to that, CAPS made a bold move in the last year and changed its membership criteria for new members. We have to continue to build our membership of Professional Speakers, we have to continually be adding value for our members and helping them build their businesses and their networks. Ensuring that every decision the Board makes is made through the lens of “Members First”.

We have an opportunity to raise the Profile of the Association and in doing so, that of our Members. And together, we have an opportunity to make an even bigger impact on the Meetings & Events Industry and on our clients.