Beverly Beuermann-King works the media with her message about the importance of sleep and rest for productivity


Beverly has been making the media rounds lately advocating for awareness of the importance of a good nights sleep. Quoted in a multiple feature program on Global News entitled Waking up early, are there benefits of being a morning person?, King notes the importance of morning routines.

“What people do with their morning hours can help set them up for success, says Beverly Beuermann-King, a workplace expert and public speaker. Beuermann-King said that routines help people accomplish tasks, and set the tone for their workday ahead. “People who have a morning routine … they tend to be more focused, their productivity is up, and they tend to manage their energy in a way that’s going to be productive for them,” she said.

In a Toronto Sun piece, Beating the daylight savings time blues with travel, she was again quoted on the importance of micro-breaks and mini-vacations in an article that explored ways to beat the daylight savings blues. Beverly also shared her views with a Toronto Star reporter, covering a study that revealed Canadians don’t take enough vacations in this piece, Half of Canadians don’t get enough vacation survey says.

Known for her views on achieving work life balance, and the importance of rest and recovery, it is always great to see our CAPS members being sought out by media for quotes and expertise.

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