September 2014 STS – What Did You Do Over Your Summer Vacation?

What Did You Do Over Your Summer Vacation?Jeanne_Martinson

Do you remember when that was the question you were asked your first day back to school as a child?  For most of us, our childhood summer vacations were two-month long escapes from the dreariness of math, history and cutting up frogs.

As an adult in our profession, don’t we too need to escape our obligations and activities for a short while?  I work in the area of diversity and often speak to groups about tough issues such as white privilege and racism.  My soul and brain need a yearly break and this summer I spent two months finishing writing a mystery fiction book. I feel energized and ready to return to my speaking and training business.

What do you do to rejuvenate?  Email me your answers and we will publish the top ten in the next issue of So To Speak! Send to


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