Fun!raiser: Family Reunion – 2016 Convention

WE ARE ONE… one family – a CAPS family.  And once a year we all get together at convention.  So it seems too obvious not to call it… a Family Reunion – so that’s just what we did! This year’s Fun!raiser, benefitting the CAPS Foundation ( is a Family Reunion featuring all the fixings you’d… Continue reading

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President’s Message – November 2016

Are You Reading This? Your National Board has heard something several times this year…the message is that most CAPS members do not read KeyNotes (the very publication you are reading right now!!). That is distressing to us if it is true. A great deal of time and energy goes into creating and disseminating this information… Continue reading

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“Choose one small slice of the planet… and start!” says Linda Edgecombe, CSP, HoF


“Ten years ago, my girlfriend, Michelle Bonneau, was teaching in Nepal and she asked me if I would take some scarves from Nepal and sell them at one of my events. We thought if I raised a few hundred dollars at my events we could rescue a few girls and get them into school.   Since… Continue reading

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Afghanistan’s running women: The racers who made a statement in the world’s most secret marathon


For Canada’s Marathon Man, Martin Parnell, it was the best time to record his worst time. For almost seven long, gruelling hours, he had coaxed, pushed and encouraged a young Afghan woman to complete the 42-kilometre regulation distance that made up the world’s most secret marathon. When the pair crossed the finish line with only… Continue reading

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Every woman needs a purse – CAPS Ottawa


This year CAPS Ottawa will be supporting the “Project Purse”, a charity campaign that was started in Ottawa in 2015 by Tanya O’Connor. She started ‘Project Purse’ to help homeless women across the city. At CAPS Ottawa we want to collect 50 purses to donate to St. Joe’s Women’s Centre. Suggested items to include in… Continue reading

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A Soulful Collaboration


What happens when two CAPS members from different chapters meet at a conference and share a dream? Why collaboration that works, that’s what. Lea Brovedani, The Trust Architect and member of CAPS Atlantic and Glynis E. Devine, Chief Juicer and member of CAPS Montreal are just back from their first (‘of many!’ the co-hosts say)… Continue reading

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Faith Wood, CSP – from stories shared on stage to pages in a novel and now …. TV?!


I am so GRATEFUL to fate and a few fabulous media people who have taken my stories and positioned them in a new medium!  Often our mentors come from the most unexpected arenas.  These talented cinematographers have revealed a new perspective on messaging, positioning and audience engagement that I am now able to deliver from… Continue reading

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Novelogics Biotechnology Inc.


Elaine Allison, CSP and her partner Dr. I. Wayne Cheney, PhD, who has 26 years of experience in the industry and is a drug discovery scientist, co-founded Novelogics Biotechnology Inc. in 2013 to begin work on a novel approach which has involved the discovery and development of an antibody immunotherapy drug for treating cancer. Their… Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?


One of many unique characteristics about CAPS is many of our members are solopreneures or run small businesses. Our families are very much a part of our success, so why not create an opportunity to get to know them better? That is exactly what the CAPS Calgary Chapter did. They created an innovative way to… Continue reading

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CAPS Foundation: Is Your Summer Slipping Away From You?

By FREMA ENGEL, MSW, Mental Health Expert, Psychotherapist and Chair of CAPS Peer Support Program Before you know it, summer will be over. Have you taken a break?  Are you using the hot weather, school vacation and family and friends being more available as a chance for gatherings and fun activities? Many people see the… Continue reading

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President’s Message: Contribute. Consume. Co-Create – July 2016

We Are One. I know, you’ve heard that from me before. You’ve also heard me reference the idea that we all make up this system (ecosystem) that is CAPS…we contribute to it and we consume from it. In order to thrive, every system needs regular nutrition, regular contribution. We will, literally, cease to exist without… Continue reading

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New CAPS National Website is now LIVE!

We said it would be ready in the Spring, and we are excited to announce the NEW CAPS National Website is now live! The site is totally new and we are excited to share it with you, our CAPS members. We have designed it for 3 groups of users: CAPS members Potential CAPS members People… Continue reading

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