2015 STS – March – Top Five Tips For Selling Product

For Selling Product – Before, During and After You Speak!


Tip #1 Help your client to increase early registration
Offer the client a quantity of books at a reduced price to increase their early registration numbers. The early birds get the book free when they register for the client’s event and you make a bulk sale!

Tip #2 Find the hidden budget
Conference committees often have a separate budget for attendee gifts. Sell the client a book for each participant as part of their welcome or registration gift. Better your book than another USB memory stick with the association’s logo!


Tip #3 Give it away to one but make the rest curious
Find a passage in your book you wish to quote in your presentation. Place a sticky note on that page and after reading the passage in your speech, find an opportunity to offer the book to an audience member. Choose a person in the back and pass the book from the first row. This way the book comes in contact with many people (who can’t resist looking and touching it before they pass it on to the lawful recipient). Those who passed the book on feel more compelled to buy the book at the back of the room or on line.


Tip #4 Quietly sell
Are you shy? Feel that product flogging from the stage is tasteless? Have a table at the back of the room with an easy ‘toss in a $20 and take home a book’ sign. No one steals books, no really, we have taken surveys.

Tip #5 Save your back
“I am not toting those books back and forth!” To increase your ebook sales after the event, have business cards/book marks made up with the book cover on front and the KOBO, Amazon and Kindle details on back. Have the cards on the table or chairs and see how this irresistible and unique little marketing piece can build your product sales. Don’t forget the QC code – you might be surprised how many Gen Ys and techies in general might buy your book on line before you are finished your speech!


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