2015 STS – March – President’s Message

President's Message
Toni Newman, HoF

Because YOU Believe!meet-toni-new

What have you done this month Because You Believe?  

Like many of us, I have been doing everything from writing, to creating, to delivering and, of course, traveling - but this message isn’t about me.  It’s about you!  

More specifically, it is about the unBelievable chapter visit experiences that you have created for me as I set out on the first leg of my ‘Because We Believe President’s Tour’.  (A huge thank you goes out to Infusionsoft for agreeing to be our strategic partner on this year’s tour.)  

I’ve visited six amazing chapters over the last couple of months – Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.  And I can tell you one thing – our chapters Believe in CAPS.

Because THEY Believe, Grant Ainsley and CAPS Edmonton team promoted the session to the general public and ended up with over 65 attendees - one of the largest attendances in the chapter history – getting the year off to a great start in a new venue and a renewed sense of purpose.

Because THEY Believe, the CAPS Calgary gang (headed up by Faith Wood CSP) welcomed me with their annual President’s Reception complete with an amazing jazz trio, great food and, of course, an amazing turnout of old friends and new.  The chapter meeting the next day was equally as energizing and well attended.  Thank you to Sue Jacques for being a Master of Ceremonies extraordinaire!

(Oh - and thank you to my dear friend Elizabeth George who took two days out of her schedule to pick me up in Edmonton and drive me to Calgary.  You rock, Elizabeth!)

After a few days at home, I headed out on a cold winter day to visit with the CAPS Ottawa folks.  I had the privilege of attending their AGM and meeting some of the amazing people who, Because THEY Believe, have stepped up to serve the chapter on the local board – a dedicated mix of members, some of whom are relatively new to CAPS and some who have been Believers for many years.  Congratulations to Denis Levesque on pulling together such a great team.

Because THEY Believe, Brian Fraser and the CAPS Vancouver crowd had a wonderful event with several possible new members in attendance.  After years of service to CAPS, the seemingly tireless David Gouthro, CSP – last year’s recipient of the Warren Evans Spirit of CAPS and a true Believer – has stepped up once again to lead the membership charge at the chapter level.   

On a stormy cold night, members and non-members alike braved the bad weather to come out to the CAPS Toronto meeting - Because THEY Believe.  It was a real treat to see so many of our senior members along with several awesome potential new CAPS members in the audience. Chapter President, Orlando Bowen, inspired us to take the time to reach out and thank those in the room who had contributed to our journey.  Although I didn’t have the chance to get to everyone that night, Sid Ridgley, CSP, Tom Stoyan, HoF, Peri Shawn, Susan Luke Evans, CSP, and Bob Parker, CSP – thank you for everything that you have done to help me Believe!

My visit to Toronto also included a visit with Shari Bricks and her absolutely amazing team at Bond.  Because THEY Believe, Shari and her team contribute enormously to the success of everything that CAPS does.  When was the last time that you reached out to them to tell them how grateful you are for their service?

Because THEY Believe, the chilly weather didn’t prevent my hometown chapter of CAPS Montreal from hosting me at two incredibly warm and wonderful events - a members only Power Partners (think mastermind on steroids) as well as an open chapter event. The energy and enthusiasm at both events was palpable.

At each of the chapters, I have had an opportunity to meet with their local boards and to share ideas and insights that can inspire us to Step up, Speak up, Sign up and Show up. It has been an enriching experience so far and I thank each and every one of you for coming out to your chapter visits Because YOU Believe.

Next up – Atlantic, SWO, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Four more wonderful opportunities to share our CAPS story, grow our CAPS family, and strengthen our CAPS community.  

I believe in the future of our industry.
I believe in CAPS.
And most of all, I Believe in You.

What will you do this month Because You Believe?

Toni Newman, HoF
CAPS 2015 National President


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