2015 STS – March – New Members

We are pleased to welcome new members who have joined CAPS recently. Congratulations on making this commitment to invest in the future success of your business and to share in the development of CAPS.

Here are our new members for December 2014 – February 2015:


Roselyne Hastreiter, CAPS Atlantic
Carrie Kohan, CAPS Calgary
Michael Labun, CAPS Manitoba
Sebastien Latulippe, CAPS Atlantic
Mike Lipkin, CAPS Toronto
David Newman, CSP, GSF Dual
Jo-Anne Procter, CAPS Toronto
Azadeh (Azi) Razbani-T, CAPS Toronto
Carol Schulte, CAPS Toronto
Roger Stein, CAPS Atlantic
Yvea Zaels, CAPS Calgary


Stefan Aarnio, CAPS Manitoba
Kindi Gill, CAPS Vancouver
Dennis Maione, CAPS Manitoba
Bob Palmer, CAPS Toronto
Ron Tsang, CAPS Toronto



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