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  • Jim Beaubien Ph.D, CSP, HOF

    Expertise: Motivation,

  • Donald Cooper MBA, CSP, HoF Fee: $7,800 - $12,000

    A bottom-line business speaker who has been both a world-class manufacturer & an award-winning retailer. (more…)

    Expertise: Business, Management, Business Growth, Marketing, Customer Service, Leadership, Manufacturing, Retail

  • Cheryl Cran CSP, HoF Fee: $12,500 - $17,500

    The Future of Work is NOW - Are You Ready? Meet Cheryl Cran Future of Work & Change Leadership Expert (more…)

    Expertise: Change, Leadership, Future, Business Growth, Generation Issues, Innovation, Corporate, Finance

  • Linda Edgecombe CSP and HOF Fee: $7,500 - $10,000

    Linda Edgecombe CSP, Hall of Fame SpeakerMy mission is to get people fired up and ready and I promise to create powerful shifts, increase accountability, while building momentum for my participants. (more…)

    Expertise: Accountability, Leadership, Motivation, Performance Improvement, Teamwork/Teambuilding, Humor, Corporate, Associations

  • Colleen Francis HoF Fee: $12,500 - $17,500

    Colleen's non-traditional approach and refreshing candor is why Sales and Marketing Magazine calls her "one of the Top Five most effective" sales trainers in the market today. (more…)

    Expertise: Sales, Negotiation, Customer Service, Business Growth, Social Media, Corporate, Sales

  • Kit Grant CSP, HoF Fee: $9,000 - $12,500

    Kit "pushes" people outside their comfort zone to get the results they deserve. (more…)

    Expertise: Difficult People, Accountability, Humor, Customer Service, Leadership, Motivation, Restaurant, Services

  • Bob Gray Guinness Record Holder CSP HoF Fee: $7,500 - $10,000

    Entertaining, Educational, Powerful....and a funny guy! (more…)

    Expertise: Sales, Performance Improvement, Productivity, Humor, Networking, Personal Development, Corporate, Associations

  • Paul Huschilt CSP, MAM, HoF Fee: $7,500 - $15,000

    Funny, energetic conference closings and keynotes that encourage employee wellness, teamwork, and productivity - delivered unlike anything you've seen before. With Paul, Expect Everything. (more…)

    Expertise: Humor, Employees/Workforce, Wellness, Stress, Entertainment, Motivation, Corporate, Associations

  • Patricia Katz HoF MCE CHRP Fee: $5,500 - $7,500

    Growing people in value & worth. Boost energy, fuel enthusiasm, inspire insight & rekindle spirit. A voice of sanity specialized in the art of making more of life. Press pause..think again! (more…)

    Expertise: Life Balance, Wellness, Inspirational, Stress, Leadership, Education, Associations

  • Michael Kerr CSP, HoF Fee: $7,500 - $12,500

    Relevant, thought-provoking ideas on workplace culture delivered in an energizing, hilarious manner. (more…)

    Expertise: Humor, Creativity, Motivation, Leadership, Stress, Teamwork/Teambuilding, Government, Natural Resources

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